Wednesday 18 December 2013

8 Criteria for review and decommissioning of websites

An integral part of Digital governance in any large organisation is a live audit of the digital estate and the ability to review and decommission products where appropriate.

It is becoming common for digital leaders in a large global organisation to inherit a large portfolio of local, regional or project based websites. Not every digital product brings value to the overall objectives of the organisation. I am often asked what criteria do I  use to identify and segment the on-line presence for review that leads to potentially decommissioning of useless and redundant products? Following is my list:

  • A Project has ended and the website is still live
  • Project is live but the content on the website is outdated
  • Project is live and a service is still offered but the site is unsupported
    • Staff resources are not there to update content
    • Infrastructure is not supported by internal resources or through any other maintenance or support contract
  • Project/service has evolved into a different product but the old website is still live but redundant
  • Project/service is live, a website exists but is not used - evidenced by traffic/analytics data
  • Inappropriate content
    • Legally owned by the organisation but there is no business ownership internally or externally
    • Off brand – does not follow organisation's brand standards and guidelines
  • Local/country based websites that are duplicated through regional or corporate portals
  • Websites with identified security and data protection issues
Are there any other criteria that could be included to these?

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