Thursday 24 March 2016

Keeping Children Safe on the Internet

The internet and social media have huge benefits for children. Together, they enable children to get access to resources, communication and support that they may otherwise find difficult to access.
However, it also opens them up to risks such as cyberbullying and exposure to harmful content.
There are three key risks the digital world poses to children. 
  1. Contact: The possibility of a child having inappropriate contact when meeting a stranger they befriended online.
  2. Conduct: Online threats, bullying, and misuse of personal information on social sites.
  3. Content: Exposure to pornographic, inappropriate or violent content.
British Council recently produced these very useful posters to celebrate the Safer Internet Day. These e-safety posters depict clear messages to enable children to make safe choices when engaging online. I am reproducing these here with credit to the British Council

Drop me a line if you would like get hold of a high resolution file to print for your school, classroom, etc.

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